Talk about communication immediately

Internet is very convenient.

It is convenient because you can gather information freely and send out, but on the other hand it makes a dangerous tool if you use it differently.

Since clicking on a link of a vicious site or asking for information, suddenly money is charged, so it is important not to approach the site that is unlikely to be dangerous.

Also, it is important not to go to dangerous sites by enabling the filter function of security software.
And do not upload or list personal information or facial images that can identify him / her on the internet.
I do not know when and where and what people are watching, and I do not know what kind of fraud it is used for.

If you use your face fraudulently, your life will be messed up.

When talking to a junior high school student in my neighbor recently, I told Ameba that I was uploading my face image, so I told you to quit immediately.

Because if you get caught in a fraud you will live a life in the future.

I think that my child will use the Internet at the age of year, but I would like to explain firmly using security software, not to leak personal information, and what kind of danger lurks firmly.
Keith Edwards
Keith Edwards
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