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Nutraceutical ERP Software Checklist

Whether you are planning to install a new ERP solution or you are re-evaluating your current ERP chemical software needs, you are likely to get a greater degree of success if you identify those ERP solutions in the marketplace that have a strong foundation in meeting the needs of neutraceutical manufacturers. Nutraceutical ERP software is what will help in meeting your unique manufacturing and process requirements without the need for extensive and expensive software customizations.

When you are shopping for the right nutraceutical ERP solution, you will need to make the connection between the unique operations in the nutraceutical processes with the capabilities of the ERP chemical software that you are planning to purchase. Without that connection, you are unlikely to get a software solution that is likely to satisfy your manufacturing requirements. There is great value in using ERP software solutions that have been built for the nutraceutical industry. Using the wrong system that is a poor match for your needs generally comes with costs for your business.

Here is a simple checklist that can help you in evaluating and selecting the right nutraceutical ERP solution for your business:

Does it improve the manufacturing or production processes through recipe or Formula management?

This is one of the key considerations that you need to look at when you are shopping for the right process manufacturing software solution. The phases in the specification should be such that the output of one stage can be the input of the next stage without the need to carry out inventory transaction or define a new intermediate product. The system should be able to handle “conversion”, enable performance of yield analysis through user defined calculations, and support process specifications that are both input and output-driven. The process specifications in the system must also support different units of measure.

Does it improve product costing?

This is after all, one of the top reasons why we invest in the chemical manufacturing software solutions. The system should be able to support allocating various indirect costs into the manufacturing process such as water, plant management, energy, plant maintenance etc. Costing of direct activities in the process must also be performed as they occur in the system. The system should also have a mechanism for accounting for or crediting the costs of reclaimed by-products. Lastly, it should allow for a comparison of the costs given by process specifications with the actual cost of the batch or the job. See Process Pro Erp.

It must manage multiple units of measures

The system should be able to provide support for multiple measure units simultaneously. Additionally, it should offer visibility for the package units of bulk production items without having to maintain substitution tables. Also look for support for the formula-based conversions.

Check if it meets regulatory compliance requirements

The system should allow lot tracking at every stage of the manufacturing and distribution. It should have the capability to match the batch or lot integrity of the product when it undergoes a conversion during the manufacturing processes. It should not lose trace linkages or audit linkages during the conversion process.

Reduce write-off inventory due to expiration

A good chemical manufacturing industry ERP software must have good expiration date management feature that will capture the quantity of products that are reaching expiration, especially if the market is unable to quickly absorb the supply.

These are some of the critical factors that you need to consider when evaluating ERP software options for your nutraceutical business. Take time to carry out proper evaluations in order to find solutions that will almost be an “exact match” for your requirements. Visit HTTP://WWW.PROCESSPROERP.COM/PROCESS-MANUFACTURING-INDUSTRIES/PHARMACEUTICAL-NUTRACEUTICAL-MANUFACTURING-SOFTWARE/  today!

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