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Best Lighting for Youtube Video: Is It Worth the Efforts?

Everybody knows what Youtube is. Many people are hardly thinking of making videos and upload them on Youtube, while others create their own channels and some even manage to earn good money from that. What is the difference between the second and the third category? Open a Youtube video with a couple of views, and then, check another one, which is among the most popular ones. Do you see the difference? No, not only their content differs, but the quality as well. And quality depends on many factors, including the best lighting for youtube videos.

Famous vloggers know many secrets, and some of them we will reveal here.

A video is basically the same photography, but with sound. And the images change with the speed of 30 shots per second. That’s why lighting techniques for video are similar to those for photography. Here are some tips to remember, if you want to know how to do the best lighting for youtube videos.

Control the direction of light.

Light direction is often used to create different feelings and meanings. A recommended lighting for vlogging should be able to reflect the meaning of your video. For example, if you use three-point lighting and place the main light off the side of the filmed subject, it will split the face in half. It could mean, that the person has doubts, has to make a choice or is double-faced. However, let’s be short: side lighting shows the texture. backlighting shows the form; front lighting hides both texture and form, so, it is the least dramatic.

Hard light or soft light?

You use hard light to create hard-edged shadows. In turn, you use soft light to create soft-edged shadows. If you want a person to look nice, use soft light. If you want to create a sharp, sometimes grotesque look, use hard light. And remember one simple thing: the bigger the light source is, the softer is the light.

Have you selected the right light colour?

If you want your video look natural, use natural colour. Don’t add those saturated green, pinks, blue or any other unnatural lights that they use in shows. However, different colours are good to create a drama.

So, if you select lighting the best lighting for youtube videos, consider first of all, what you are going to film. And don’t forget about your purpose, of course. If your task is to create as much drama as possible, consider hard light, with plenty of additional colours. Make sure the light direction accentuates the most important details. As you can see now, many things depend on which lighting you select for a youtube studio setup.

Do you believe that all is so complicated that you will never manage to film a good video? Well, don’t get desperate. Check for more detailed information on the best lighting equipment for youtube videos. As well, there you can check lighting systems, that can be used for creating any kinds of videos. Compare them, read more about features that are new to you. And who knows, maybe your perfect video system is waiting for you there!